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PII has been consulting to & advising clients since 1991. If you're one of them you already know that your satisfaction is most important to us! We strive to achieve that from the very outset by simply trying to exceed your expectations. We found that goes a long ways towards creating a productive, meaningful relationship, one from which we can both draw strength. It's what's kept us in business all these years and how we go about creating value.

In the course of our existence at PII we've had the honor of providing services to a long list of clients. Start ups just being formed, large well established ones, and every conceivable size and shape in between. Confidentiality or sensitivities often excludes us from naming them, but somewhere along the way we've done some work for a company just like yours no doubt. Here's a list of a few things we've done over the years just to give you an idea:

Often enough, companies aren't sure which route to take, internal or external, so start out by just getting in touch to explore their options. Nothing wrong with that.
We'd love to have you as a client