Providing Oil & Gas Industry Expertise To Banking, Financial & Investment Institutions Since 1995

PROCONSULT (PII) provides industry expertise to banking, financial and investment institutions in an industry that invests hundreds of billions of dollars into oil & gas annually. 

Whether firms participate through debt or equity, are active or passive, the oil & gas industry is heavily reliant on funding from members of this all important community. Be they large organizations with an encompassing global presence or smaller firms with a specific domestic focus, or anywhere in between, PII provides oil & gas industry insights & expertise that makes a difference, providing vast oil & gas experience and knowledge from a highly specialized, very technically driven industry to make more confident and informed financial and investment decisions.

PII offers very seasoned representation to banking, financial and investment institutions, providing a top tier oil oil & gas skill set for very direct value adding strengths and benefits. There are many specific situations where clients will benefit from acquiring oil & gas industry expertise but one common denominator encompasses them. Oil & Gas is very specialized, technically complex and operationally challenging so support services from a highly skilled, knowledgeable industry source can greatly increase the confidence of financial decisions. Generalists will most certainly benefit extensively from representation during their forays into the oil & gas space but firms who focus on it more intensively can receive strong benefits from auxiliary support of PII's caliber to enhance their existing in-house capabilities.

Some PII proficiencies but to which it is by no means limited to:

Presentations For Funding By Oil & Gas Companies:

PII knows what questions to ask and what to look for in order to mitigate funding risk for its clients. PII is uniquely well versed on both sides of the table, that of representing those from whom funding is being sought and that of representing oil & gas companies seeking funding and can therefore offer specialized insights, analysis and guidance with deep benefits.

Oil & Gas Company Office & Site Visits:

PII can accompany and/or represent clients during in-depth discussions at oil & gas companies offices to review and analyze technical, operational, managerial and financial data with their leadership and technical teams and also when site visits to their assets are undertaken to assess field operations, equipment and materials.

Technical Analysis & Evaluations:

PII has extensive global experience conducting independent, unbiased, detailed technical assessments of upstream oil & gas assets (blocks, concessions, fields etc) for capital providers.

Negotiations, Liaison, Business Development:

PII has vast experience in negotiations pertaining to oil & gas assets, oilfield services, equipment and related contracts throughout the world. Internationally, skills extend to business development and ongoing liaison between foreign IOCs and senior government representatives of host countries including Heads of State, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, senior ministry staff and leadership at NOCs and Regulatory Bodies.

Operating & Management Of Oil & Gas Assets:

Wherever clients considerations for longer term active involvement is undertaken, PII can provide highly experienced teams to operate and manage oil & gas assets, grow reserves, increase production, improve efficiencies and generate profitable results in a timely, economic and cost effective fashion that achieve planned strategies which often include an exit component.

Acquisitions & Divestitures:

For A&D purposes PII can perform technical analysis & evaluations and create effective data rooms.

How does PII serve an expansive global financial services industry where clients can literally be all over the planet?

The world is still big in some respects and we've been to much of it. So in today's world, handling the needs of clients based around the world is supported by communication technology. 

Telephone and video conferencing can manage distance and PII's global clientele generally utilize these communication medians very effectively. It's fairly common nowadays to advise a client in London about their position in an oil & gas investment that may comprise an onshore field development in Kazakhstan and an LNG project in Australia for example. 

Conference calling widens the possibilities even further and can directly involve client representatives from any or all of their corporate offices. PII has had as many as 40 people in 14 different countries from the same investment house on the same call.

At times however, consultation efforts are still  best served with face to face meetings, and for this reason PII is no stranger to the world. 

How do clients achieve immediate benefits and value from PII?

They tap into expertise forged from a wealth of experience and knowledge. PII knows oil & gas extremely well and understands clients activities in it. Many years of experience affords a skill set that rapidly address needs and maximize time and effort. 

So whether you are a generalist with interests in a variety of industries or are a purist in hydrocarbon resource plays, PII can provide the services you seek. Services that provide answers. Services that empower. Services that help drive confident, informed decisions. 

We invite you to call to discuss your individual needs.

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