oil gas consulting advisory

PROCONSULT International Inc. (PII) serves two global industries of major importance. Oil & Gas and Banking & Finance.

PII has been consulting to & advising oil & gas companies since 1991 and was initially created to assist independent oil & gas companies with evaluation, acquisition, and management of operated assets on international exploration & production (E&P) projects. 

As a result of client interest PII then expanded into the financial sphere as a source of industry expertise and has been advising banking, financial & investment institutions funding the oil & gas sector since 1995.

PII's client list has, over the years, grown to include National Oil Companies (NOCs), host governments and large multinational consulting firms contracted to oil & gas majors.

Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge provides PII  with a skill set that allows its clients to make highly informed decisions that increase their corporate efficiency.

We've worked on 6 continents and are also very familiar with how cultures, religions, and geopolitical situations directly influence how business is conducted in various parts of the world.

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