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Core Team
PII's core group of three (3) individuals has more than one hundred and fifteen (115) years of collective experience in the oil & gas industry, the majority of which has been acquired in the international arena at senior levels of managerial & technical corporate responsibility with exposure to a multitude of operational requirements in the diverse cultural, business, and political environments of host countries. This is a world class team that has successfully achieved in complex, challenging operating environments and provides their industry expertise to PII's clients. They are:

David Tkachuk

David has more than 38 years of oil & gas industry experience that spans 6 continents. He spent fourteen (14) years in integrated senior executive leadership roles at North American and Western European publicly traded oil & gas companies with internationally operated E&P assets (blocks, concessions, fields etc), building and growing them successfully, with more than $2.5 B in added value created. He's advised banking, financial & investment institutions since 1995 as well as national oil companies. Prior to founding PII in 1991 David spent eleven (11) years with Esso in Canada.

David McGinley

David has forty-two (42) years experience in North America, Europe and Asia. He is a technical geologist with extensive experience in conventional, unconventional, green and brown fields, onshore and offshore, under, normalized and over pressured formations. He is a veteran oil and gas finder of millions of barrels of hydrocarbon liquids and gas equivalent. David has held senior technical managerial roles and other positions with super majors, independents and big four (4) service companies.

Ken Kowalchuk

Ken has thirty-six (36) years of experience in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia as a petroleum engineer specializing in drilling, completions, well interventions and production optimization. He has held key managerial roles in multiple international E&P projects for oil & gas operators and has directed multi-disciplined, multi-cultural teams of engineers, geologists and support staff.

PII is able to supplement this most senior core level of experience and knowledge with additional high quality oil & gas professionals across all technical, operational, managerial and financial disciplines as and when client needs dictate.