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SESSIONS (by senior leadership for senior leadership)

Specific To Oil & Gas Company Senior Leadership: (Directors, Executive Management)

The International Oil & Gas Arena (1-3 days)
Interested in international possibilities for your oil & gas company? Then here's a tremendous time and cost saver. We tap into our extensive senior level experience to guide you through the ins & outs and do's &  don'ts. These incredible, information packed sessions can pay for themselves  many times over, providing the knowledge to confidently make critical senior leadership decisions while avoiding costly and detrimental trial & error. 

Part I.   Introductory Considerations (1 day)
Part II.  Asset Considerations (1 day)                           
Part III. Operational Considerations (1 day) 

Operating An International Oil & Gas Project (1-2 days)
Your organization has been acknowledged as the Operator of its international project. Now the longer term, day to day efforts begin in earnest. How does senior leadership effectively oversee this aspect of activity in this new international environment? We'll use our many years of successful experience to give you a solid footing to begin and continue the process. There's lots of unique information piled high to point you in the right direction from the outset.

Part I.   Structuring The Project (1 day)
Part II.  Sorting The Players (1 day)

Developing & Maintaining Foreign Government Relations (1 day)
Government relations critically impact an international project! Foreign governments will be active and expect senior leadership directly involved in the relationship. In what way and how much? This is an issue they must be prepared to handle effectively throughout all phases. In this session we identify the all important issues, examine and provide a clear understanding of them, and offer beneficial options.

Specific To Institutional Investors Senior Leadership

Senior Level Insights Into The Oil & Gas Industry (1 day)
Interested in understanding the oil & gas industry in an exclusive fashion, where aspects that matter most to your senior leadership are interactively discussed in person with a senior level oil & gas expert with extensive service to both the oil & gas and banking & finance industries. This session melds specifics of two industries; expertise in oil & gas in a format that institutional investor senior leadership can immediately comprehend & benefit from.


Specific to Institutional Investors

Panorama Of The Oil & Gas Industry (1 day)
Research Analysts in a generalist setting will find this a very productive utilization of time. They will be introduced to the oil & gas industry from a higher level panoramic viewpoint that addresses its global presence and the influence that it wields on world, regional and more localized environments including economies, cultures, and politics, acquiring additional aspects of oil & gas analysis of situations in the process. 

Major Factors Affecting The Oil & Gas Industry (1 day)
Research Analysts wanting to further expand their working knowledge of the oil & gas industry will benefit significantly. Current major factors affecting the oil & gas industry in both positive and negative fashion will be discussed at length providing participants with a fresh, present day perspective and additional skills to analyze oil & gas related situations.

Major Drivers Affecting The Price Of Oil & Gas (1 day)
Research Analysts wanting to acquire additional evaluating and predicting capability of oil & gas prices will benefit from this seminar. They will drill down into the drivers that ultimately affect the commodity price of oil & natural  gas to see how they individually and collectively influence it.
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